Will SLI lower temperature from one of my cards?

Hey everyone, i've purchased bad company 2 off steam and i started playing and I kept getting blue screen errors whenever playing, not even a full game would. I downloaded EVGA Precision and i saw that m temps were is the high 80's almost 90 degrees! so i quickly turned off the auto mode and set it to 70 percent and it reduced the heat to around 50-52 degrees. So my question is this, if i go SLI mode, will it reduce heat from one of my cards and go easier on it?
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  1. I'm not understanding this.Do you have 2 cards or one?

    Generally when you have 2 cards in SLI they will run hotter than a single card.And more so the top card.

    BFBC2 is a very GPU demanding game so it's normal for the cards to get hot.Just ensure that you have proper case airflow.
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    There's something way off with your auto mode if you got into the high 80s and it didn't hit 70%, but no matter, you took care of that. If you already had both cards installed but were only running the top one, then activating SLI would have the potential to lower your temps, especially if you use Vsync, since it will be offloading a big part of its workload to your other card and not be locked at 100% utilization the whole time. What card(s) are you running?
  3. Technically speaking it should lower the temps of the individual cards, unfortunately the real world doesn't work like that. Because the fans blow out the card below will run hotter than the top card and probably hotter than just one card. This is especially true the closer the cards are to each other.
  4. What cards do you have?
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  6. so sorry for the late reply everyone! i didnt get the emails saying i had gotten replies till just now. Right now i have only 1 EVGA GTX 570. Thanks for all the replies ill hopefully be going SLI in the upcoming week or two
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