Hd 6870 cannot change 640x480 resolution Need Help asap

Hi, i recently purchased ASRock A75 Pro4 Mobo, with AMD A8-3850 Llano 2.9GHz Cpu nearly a month ago. Recently I turned on my PC and found my Screen Res. in 640x480 and unable to be changed. NO SETTINGS were tweaked prior. So of course, went straight to a driver issue. Nearly half a day later of uninstall/install drivers without luck, I wiped an reinstalled Win 7 Ult. figured the Onboard Ram went to crap. No luck, still 640x480.

Week later... XFX 6870 black edition arrives..
installed drivers, disabled onboard, etc. boot it up..
works great except.. 640x480 resolution... drivers were loaded straight from cd.

Any help would be appreciated.
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  1. Have you installed the monitor drivers and also what is the size of your monitor??
  2. Monitor is 23" LCD, wouldn't 7 have installed a monitor driver? Regardless I will check that after work and respond with update.
  3. Don't install factory drivers from the CD or the manufacture website. Download the newest drivers straight from AMD website.
  4. Update: Removed Video driver and monitor driver, deleted integrated video driver and disabled onboard. Reinstalled new Video driver from AMD (not from 6870 disc), Plug and Play picked up the Monitor driver, SVA LCD's do not have any custom monitor driver's, (@ least that I could find on the manufacture' site). ---> Restarted, same problem.

    Next step will be to wipe OS and Resinstall 7, but I already tried this with the integrated video the first time around, so I don't think there will be positive results just because I added a Video card..

    Any other suggestions?
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