A7Pro,Increasing memory Bandwidth?

I have an A7Pro running a 1200mhz T/Bird (which I enjoy ;) with hyundai pc133 memory(2 sticks of 128mbs).
Problem is I get low memory bandwidth scores in tests on SiSandra 2000 (score 295,290 ).I have read posts of ppl with similar setups scoring on equivalent T/Bird systems 580,600 points which sounds a bit more robust.

1.Can I achieve similar results without overclocking?Possibly different RAM?
2.Will the extra memory bandwidth help when the system is processing heavy loads of graphical data?What effect will extra bandwidth have?

I would really appreciate an experienced reply,
Thanx in advance,
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  1. 1. Yes. these results are most likely done with 133MHz memory bus with CAS2 ram. you can set both of these in the bios. If you are lucky, your hyundai ram will do 133@cas2. Otherwise you might want to look into certified ram at these settings. Check out <A HREF="http://www.crucial.com/" target="_new">http://www.crucial.com/</A> and <A HREF="http://www.mushkin.com/" target="_new">http://www.mushkin.com/</A>

    2. Yes. Quicker graphics manipulation, faster application of filters and such, larger images respond faster. If a current task is restricted by the ram you have, the faster ram will definately improve performance

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  2. Thanx Bartleby for confirming my thoughts.
    (Now I jus' gotta try an' return this stick of 256Ram :0)

  3. You might actually want to check into your bios to make sure you are indeed running them at 133mhz and not 100 first.

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