GTS 450 2.0 and my motherboard 1.0 slot and my system im okay?

im gonna buy GTS 450 today EVGA my mobo is PCIE 1.0

my pc

intel e5200
2gb ddr2
8400SE <---current gpu
monitor 1280 by 1024
corsair cx 500
my motherboard =
im not hardore gamer im mid range game and i just need good playable framerates high to medium settings.
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  1. it should work. AFAIK all nvidia card (including the latest series) should work properly with PCI-E 1.x since most nvidia cards are using PCI-E 2.0 standards. so far on the 6k series (and most 5k series) of the radeon using PCI-E 2.1 standards which often conflict with PCI-E 1.x standards. the problem mostly are solved with BIOS update but some old mobo doesn't have the update since it's manufacturer already ceased the support for it.

    with your resolution you should be able to max out most games out there with frame rates above 30FPS. your card will only struggle to games that are very demanding such as crysis and metro to name a few
  2. thanks
  3. my cpu is Intel e5200 2.50ghz
  4. pci-e has backwards compatibility u can run a 2.1 on a 2.0 just fine so it might work
  5. my mobo is 1.0 and gts 450 is 2.0
  6. it will work with some bottle neck but not alot
  7. thankssss !
  8. its not like runnig a PCi-e at 3.0 on 1.0 if your doing that then ur introuble
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