GTX 460 Super Over clocked or GTX 560 ti FPB

should i get the gtx 460ti super oc or the gtx 560ti fpb


and use that extra 50 for a mobo that has and supports usb 3.0?

i am buying this as my case:

my psu is a CORSAIR Enthusiast Series TX750 V2

and mobo is a ASUS P8P67 LE (REV 3.0)

or should i buy a better psu and mobo tell me and leave links pls
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  1. why Z68 i got a i5 2500k...1920x1080 maxed out no AA
  2. Yep, 560TI !
  3. i wont be puting anything on MAX with my crt be doing a ghetto dual screen hook up soon (all jokes aside) from my local thift store
  4. The Z68 is the latest chipset if you can get a z68 chipset based board for the same price or slightly less it makes more sense to do so, and if your graphics card breaks for some reason you will be able to use the integrated GFX on the cpu something you can't do with the P67 the Z68 got the best of both worlds Overclocking and integrated GFX

    If you have the money i will get the 560ti it'll last longer before you need to upgrade again. Get a stock 560ti it's still a good card and will be cheaper.1gb or 2gb if i drop acouple products also i like throw out my current case and buy a Three hundred illusion
  5. what card is more juice? i cant tell
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