I cant find my motherboard

I am trying to update my BIOS because my video card isn't starting properly and a guy at Future Shop suggested it. I ran HWiNFO32 and found that I have an ASUS IVY Motherboard, but I can not find it anywhere online or on the ASUS site. how can I update my BIOS? My BIOS version is from 2007 BTW.
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  1. What model computer do you have?
  2. Compaq-Presario GC667AA-ABA SR5130NX is what the HWiNFO32 pr0gram says.
  3. This is your motherboard.


    Here is the downloads page for your system. Currently it does not look like a BIOS update is available.
  4. Wow really? It is over 5 years old... you would think that there would be an update by now...
  5. Most OEM manufacturers don't update BIOS's. They are designed to be put into place and left. They are not designed to be upgraded, therefore they don't need to update anything.

    Unlike standalone MB's which are designed to be constantly upgraded, and used with a large variety of hardware, so constant updates are necessary.
  6. What Video Card are you trying to use?
  7. an ATI/AMD Radeon HD 7570...
  8. Your problem probably has more to do with running a PCIe 3.0 Video card in a PCIe 1.0 slot. It could also be due to not having a high enough wattage PSU.
  9. So, does that mean that I can't run the Card No matter what? also the Program says that is it a PCIe 2.0 card... what is PSU?
  10. Oh, PSU is the power supply... the reason I was trying to upgrade my Graphics card is because the one that was in there suddenly stopped working after I did a Windows update. Also it didn't have an HDMI port and I was tired of using my old fat moniter and wanted to use my PS3 3D tv as a moniter also to save space. I updated the Video card and Power Supply in my newer computer and then put those two in my older computer (The one we are talking about now). So I do not think it could be an issue with the Power Supply, which is a 300w one BTW
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