Cheapest Motherboard for 3 x AMD Radeon 7850's?

I am looking for a motherboard that can house 3 x AMD Radeon 7850's. I have been led to believe that this is currently the best option

I will be using it for Litecoin/Bitcojn mining.

I'll be loading the motherboard with a cheap CPU, 4gb RAM and probably a 60gb hard drive I've got laying around and housing it in cheap case with the side panels removed.

I know I'll need double spacing between each card for cooling purposes but the bottom slot seems to be a bit to close to the bottom and maybe a 7850 won't fit? If it does it'll get hot! Is there anyway around this? Maybe cutout the bottom of the case and raise it?

Are there any cheaper motherboards with 3 PCIe slots?

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  1. the 890fx board wont crossfire at x16 x16 x8.... if my memory is correct its 8x 8x x4..
    I would suggest a 990fx chipset..

    and also... what vendor is making 7850's with multiple cf bridges?
    As far as I was aware you could not do more than 2 way crossfire with 7850's
  2. i wasn't aware they needed to be crossfired for mining?
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