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Hello, what router (from experience) is compatible with Road Runner High Speed Internet in Hemet, CA?
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  1. Just about all of them. I use to use a D-link gaming router when I had their Turbo package (15Mb down and 768 Kb up), and it worked great! I recently upgraded to the package above that (30Mb down and 5Mb up), but with the new package they give you a router with wireless N built in. Once I got the new router/modum, I didn't need to use my D-link. It kind of irritated me b/c I loved my gaming router, anyways from experience here are the routers I have used with RR service.
    *loved this one, still wish I could use it...
    *Sucked, Firmware update bricked it
    *good average router, still use it as my wireless AP
    *I installed this one on my Parent's and Brother-in-Law's RR service, works good for basic things

    Hopefully this helps... Best of luck!
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