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What is Component?

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  1. Advanced Hydro Liquid Cooling Kit with a 480mm radiator in an Azza Fusion 4000 case.
    CyberpowerPC Features Fang III Black Mamba Gaming Rig
  2. LOL, I Keep Confusing the Radiator With The Reservoir. -_- But Yea I Meant Reservoir Not Radiator. And If You Know What Is the Cable Sleeving, Fans, n Tube Are, That Will Be Great :).
  3. Oops, The Radiator Is In Front Of the Case, What I'm Looking For Is That Thing On The Bottom Right Hand Corner ( The Cylinder Thing). Sorry For The Confusion.
  4. Not enough visibility to know for sure.
    You can always talk to the people that mak them.

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  6. Thanks! :)
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