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I'm upgrading a Dell Dimension 5150 with XP service pack 3 and a Pentium D. I need to put in a new GPU. I want something a lot more powerful than the X600 that's from the factory. Will I run into a problem with the direct X? (For instance, if it is a newer card it has 11, which won't run on XP...will it default to a lower version.)

I'm considering:

because its low-profile.

What problems would I run into? Any reccomendations
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  1. It will run but not with all the features from dx11. ( indeed you'll have 9. ) Btw watch out for fake dx11 xp downloads ;
  2. Thanks!
  3. Be aware that if your motherboard only supports PCI-E 1.1, a PCI-E 2.0 card may not work in it. PCI-E 2.0 came out around 8800GT G92 timeframe if I'm not mistaken.
  4. I have a PCI-E x16 but not the 2.0. I should be able to use the card it just won't be as fast, right?
  5. 99% of video cards out there that are PCIe2.0 work fine on a PCIe 16 mother boards. I think the card you picked is a good fit for that system and will work well. You did not mention what the computers primary task will be? Office work, home theater, games? That 6570 will be great for everything other than newer high end games. Always check the price on amazon and tiger, depending on sales and such you might find a better price.
  6. Not sure, bliq has got a good point there, i was just looking at it on the net to see and it might not work actually. Your sytem is from 2006 and pci-e 2 started in 2007 so the card will fit but because your mobo is probably not 2.0 supporting it might or might not work . . . I don't know enough about that to be complete sure.
    Otherwise this one maybe ; it is pci-e 1.0
  7. I would like to play a few older games BUT would really like to play the Witcher 2 even if not on optimal settings. It plays the Witcher 1 on lower settings now which IS a task.

    Would this be a wiser alternative?

    I will have a Antec 430 PSU and 4-GB DDR2 Ram - the processor is Pentium D 2.7 I think
  8. Also pci-e 2.0, and i'm just not sure 2.0 will work with your mobo. You know make/model of your mobo btw. Maybe someone else with more knowledge of that ?
    Also you could ask this question on the mobo section.
  9. I personally have 2 pentium d computers one is on an Intel 945 mother board, and one on a HP branded board. Both are pretty old. One is running a low pro nvidia 9800GT the other is running an ati4850. Both of those cards are older too, but they are PCIe 2.0 cards. Both computers run great.

    They recomend a nvidia 260 or ATI4850 to play the Witcher2. Im sure the 4670 would run great too, but the 6570 will probably be better. I would look at a 6670. About the same price, newer and faster.
  10. Does it look like ROOM will be an issue?
  11. I went ahead and ordered the Radeon HD5570. Along with a 430W Antec. And my Ram upgrade.
  12. Oh it appears from the Dell forums that the 5150 will utilize the 2.0 cards. This will be my first time switching out vid cards on an existing system. Anything that I should look out for?
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    Down load newest ATI driver and place it on the desk top where it is easy to find.
    Uninstall old card using add remove programs.
    uninstall old card from device manager.
    unplug monitor from card.
    Take out old card watch the little latch on the plastic PCIe slot. They are always hard for my sausage fingers to hit. Often times the GPU heat sink makes the latch hard to see.
    clean case with can of compressed air. Clean pcie slot.
    Plug in new card. Dont forget power cable on card if applicable.
    plug in monitor.
    power on.
    install driver that you placed on your desktop earlier.
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