Is GTS 450 2.0 compatible and will work with my motherboard 1.0?

im gonna buy GTS 450 today EVGA my mobo is PCIE 1.0

my pc

intel e5200
2gb ddr2
8400SE <---current gpu
monitor 1280 by 1024
Corsair cx 500

heres my mobo =

im not hardore gamer im mid range game and i just need good playable framerates high to medium settings.
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  1. Yes, it will work.
  2. thanks!
  3. Of course it will ^^ Mine pci-express 2.0 Geforce 9600GT works well in a pci-express 1.0 Gigabyte GA-965P-DS3 motherboard.
  4. thanks a lot of your all response!
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  7. I wouldn't bump to much if i were you, it's against forum rules and the mods keep an close eye to that. Not necesseray anyway to bump ; you got your answers did you ?
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