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Best prebuilt computer for gaming under 650$? Help!!please!

I want to get a gaming system that is under $650 that i can play diablo 3, battlefield 3, League of legends starcraft2, and counterstrike comfortably. Please let me know your thoughts. I can always upgrade the graphics card in the future hopefully i wont need too, but i want to have a sufficient computer that will last atleast CPU wise. Please give me your thoughts thank you!

also i will be playing on a 23 inch monitor.
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    HP Pavilion Elite h8-1070t Intel Core i7 2600 3.4GHz 8GB 1.5TB

    plus GTX460. refurb. You will need to OC the GTX460 1GB for some of those games. But for $650, this is real nice.
  2. It would be so much smarter to upgrade your current computer. As i can see from your specs in order to run BF3 you must upgrade the graphics card. That CPU is decent for gaming as BF3 doesnt really require alot of CPU power. Upgrade your current graphics card to a Radeon 6950 or GTX 560 TI for about 250$ (nothing higher cuz you may bottlneck the card with your CPU). The other money you have left over can be used to upgrade the power supply if it is needed. 500w i belive is minimum for those cards
    Video Card:
    Power Supply:
    Be careful when replaceing core components such as Power supply as it can be dangerous.
    All of these upgrades should cost you about 400$ at the most. And you can use the other 250 and save up for a new CPU if you want.
    Or save your money if you really want a new cpu because any system you buy now for 650 will most likely be equiped with an i3 with a horribel video card. You can consider a used computer i guess. Up to you.
  3. lol. Dude, a $650 PC will likely perform less than your current computer. Case in point: . Has a 2500K, which is ZOMG epic, but the GPU is crap and performs less than your 5770 does. Plus, its $680, which is a snag outside of what you wanted. Add in the cost of a new GPU, it isn't worth it man.

    Besides, your CPU is a capable gamer. Upgrading to the 2500K would only result in about a 7 FPS increase in most games. You'll see a hell of a lot more bang for buck just upgrading the GPU alone. Save the rest of the money and put that towards a better computer when Ivy comes out. Or Haswell in 2013.

    What is your PSU? How many watts does it have? Gotta know this to suggest a good GPU.

    Also, are you running 64-bit windows? Gotta have that to really make use of the RAM you got. RAM is super cheap, you can add more RAM for $20 if necessary.
  4. what you wish to achieve is nearly impossible espically with that monitor whihc is mostly running at a high will have to nearly double that budget to about 1000$ in order to run thos games comfortable on a 23 inch monitor. what is the resolution?
  5. If you're looking for a budget gamer, I have a nearly new Athlon II X3 3.2GHZ w/HD 5770 & 520W PSU that I recently put together for sale on ebay if you're interested...
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    HP Pavilion Elite h8-1070t Intel Core i7 2600 3.4GHz 8GB 1.5TB

    this went for $605 plus shipping at auction. grin
  7. All the places , Newegg,Amazon,Tiger direct, ncix etc. are offering great deals on psu's right now if you need to upgrade but I agree with other posts that your system board and processor are more than adequate for your gaming aspiration. It is the graphics card you should be looking for. and if necessary the psu. for the 600 bucks you should be able to tackle both issues with a bit of change.
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