Radeon AGP card power connection?

I have a graphics card marked X1300 Pro AGP 256M...with ATI stickers and a Radeon branded cooler and fan. I don't think it is a real ATI card...it dosn't look like anything I can see a picture of on the WEB. It was made in China.
If I plug stick it in a AGP slot on a motherboard, the machine does not boot...and if I connect a monitor to the AGP port...I get colour strips across the screen.
There is a white plastic 4 pin connector on the top right hand front side of the board...that looks like the male connector for power on a 3.5 in floppy disk drive...the connector on the power supply meant for a floppy drive fits...I know some graphics cards had this.
QUESTION: Is this a power connector...and leaving it disconnected won't initiate the card...so the bios gets stuck when booting.
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  1. Use the power connector the card needs it to operate properly.

    EDIT: some AGP cards used the floppy power cable and newer more power hungry ones used the molex connector but both need to be plugged!
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