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Folks, using my (oldish) laptop to play streaming video, the picture becomes choppy. I allow the video to play for a while and buffer, and then pull it back to the start, where it wont be interrupted. After a couple of minutes of working ok, the picture becomes choppy.
Once the choppiness happens, I navigate to other sites like Utube to try to play clips, and the same problems persist. In order to get back to the way it performed at start, I have to restart the laptop. It sounds to me like a caching .bufferring issue ? But not really sure where to start looking to fix this.
Laptop is a Dell Inspiron 1501, using Windows XP.

Someone has suggested, that my Norton Antivirus might be causing it, or even my soundcard ?

Hopefuly my problem is obvious to someone and you can help me :>)

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  1. If you are trying to watch HD content, then it sounds like your PC just doesn't have enough power.

    There would be no way to fix it, Only buying a stronger PC/Laptop.
  2. My old p4 server is less powerful than this laptop (if yours is a turion x2 or else it is on-par with it) and it's using the same intergrated ATI xpress 1150 graphic chip. No need to say that I've got no problems viewing full HD videos from youtube. Anyways youtube defaults to 360p so any computers should be able to view it.

    You got 512MB ram in this laptop, which is not plenty for a fully updated Windows XP. Mine Windows Xp uses more than 350MB ram after boot. Everything I do on that computer is slow because it misses a lot of ram. So I increased system ram from 512MB to a full 1GB. It made all slowlyness a story from the past. But gaming with that graphic chip is obsolete as it lags a lot in Age of Empires 3 at 800x600 res...

    I'd say either reinstall windows xp and select only a few updates (like USB-shorting issue), or increase system ram. Oh and do uninstall your current graphic driver, reboot, install Catalyst 10.2, as it is the latest driver for a xpress 1150 chip, then reboot.

    driver for xpress 1150 on WinXP 32bit:
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