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Hello, I would like to know if I should just SLI 2 GTX580's or go with a CUDA/Quadro. Im looking for bang for the buck.
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  1. You just quad SLi'd your posts
  2. cuda/quadro are made for that, so im guessing its the best option.
    Most video editors/enconders use qudros or atis fire versions.

    Or get this:

  3. encoding and decoding, hard video editing, animation, 3D applications, heavy design applications like Autodesk and 3D Max all of this works perfectly on a nVidia Quadro or ATI Firepro so you've better invest your money in getting one of those as it would be the best solution for your need
  4. Thanks for the info. Sorry for the extra posts. I couldn't delete them, I tried.
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