Need to build Kickass gaming rig

Hi fellas,

I am ready to build my second PC which is only for Gaming within another 3 months. It might be a bit early to ask for suggestions but still wanna know whether my budget would be enough.

My needs: I will be playing BF3, MW3, Deus EX , Crysis 2 , and the sorts.

My budget : $1000

I am not a guru in overclocking , so if I can get enough performance without OC'ing that's a +. At the same time if I can get a significant amount of improvement if I OC then I am game(ofcourse with the help of you guys :D )

Waiting eagerly for the reply :hello:
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  1. You should definitely wait. In the tech world planning ahead doesn't get you anywhere because things change everyday. The AMD 7xxx series is set to make its debut at the beaning of the 2012 so what until that happens.
  2. Yeah, new GPUs and CPUs are going to be out and it's best to wait for prices to adjust because of the stupid HDD prices.
  3. also ivy bridge is coming out.
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