Amd phenom 1100t max overclock

heres my system.
1100t @4ghz 1.5v
8gb ddr3 1333mhz
gigabyte 990fxa-ud7
xfx core edition 750
sapphire 6970
zalman cnps11x
25cm side fan
12cm rear fan
25cm front fan
temps are sitting around 53-54 under load
and around 30 at idle.

Hey guys, I have hit a peak on my system, im at 4ghz now with a 20x multiplier
just wondering if I increase the fsb by gradual incriments will this give me a higher
and better overclock? or will I see the same stability issues that I see by increasing
the multiplier?
Just wondering before I try anything thats all.
Also, I have a friend who has a 2500k and he has massive overclocks,
Im aware these chips overclock well, but what I am wondering is if I were to lower the
fsb and increase the multiplier, could this offer a more stable overclock?
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  1. don't lower the fsb. Increase it slowly should be able to get you to 4.2 ish with some voltage.
  2. all I meant was the 2500k he has he says is at 5.3ghz with 100fsb and multi on 53. Could that be translated to the amd chip?
  3. he must have a really good chip for 5.3, generally 2500ks gets about 4.6 ish from what I read.

    you won't be pushing anywhere pass 4.4 ghz with a phenom II stable most people get 4.2 as max.
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