Has anyone ever cracked a motherboard before?

My Motherboard has ultra non-cooperative RAM slots, so me forcing it down took a lot of force, and when I applied it, a weird, somewhat crackly sound came out of the board, it might have been the cardboard box I was building on, or it might have been the motherboard.

Has anyone cracked a motherboard before? If so, what does it sound like. Thanks.
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  1. If I am reading you correctly, you had the board on a flat surface... a reinforced cardboard box, when you put the ram into it and heard something that sounded like the MB breaking.

    Most likely it was the cardboard box. Motherboards are laminated and four to six layers thick. They don’t break or crack easily.

    Add the CPU and the GPU and power the system while out of the case. If you can get to Bios and everything seems functional your good to go. Otherwise RMA the board.
  2. Never cracked a mobo before, but i did jailbreak one once.

    If you have ever tried to destroy a mobo on purpose, its pretty hard. They are tough as nails and you usually end up cutting your hands open before anything happens.

    As said, probably just something poking thru the cardboard.
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