Can these wires be fixed?

I just got a case shipped to me, but the plug that connects from the front USB ports to the motherboard has two little wires pulled out of it. You can see it in the photo below. Is this something I could possibly fix myself at home? I would prefer not to return the case because of such a small issue, but I do want the front USB ports to work, too.

Thanks for any advice :)
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  1. yes they could be fixed.

    best solution is if you have a decent soldering iron. take the pins from the plastic housing and apply the smallest amount of solder to secure the cable to the pin again.

    you dont have much room to work with so dont be do crazy with the amount of solder used
  2. Soldering iron? Ah, I don't have that, and even if I were to get one I doubt I'd be able to do the repair, since I've never used a soldering iron before.

    Guess I'll return the case and get another one.

    Thanks for your quick reply! :D
  3. Maybe a friend has one? It should really be an easy job, as you only need a couple of simple contacts. If you really can't get access, go ahead and return it.
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