MSI P67A-GD65 & i7 2600 CPU starts for 1 min n stops.

Hi all. After cleaning CPU fan and plug it back, my PC does not start. When I press power button, fans turn for only 1 sec., and mainboard's led's light's on same, only for 1 sec. And it keeps happening in every 5 seconds till I unplug the power cable.

I started to unplug all components from mainboard. I also uncouple the board from case. Now only CPU&fan and RAM is pluged on the board. I press on, energy turns on for 1sec, and off. I keeps on and off continuously. Mainboard tries to work but just can't.

Probably either board or CPU is broken. Is this situation a typical problem? Should I go the MSI tech. service for board issue?

Is this problem of thermal paste material between CPU and mainboard?
thanks in advance
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  1. Hi, When reinstalling the CPU fan, have you cleaned the old paste and reapplied a new one?
  2. yes, I have. and I bought a new akasa fan with its own paste on it. just installed it and the result is the same.

    I will take it to tech. service but not sure if mainboard or CPU is the problem.

    One more thing: when this starting loop is happening, I touch the CPU and it's not getting warmer even a bit. I suspect CPU instead of board.
  3. It could be a CPU issue.
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