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Whats good for nvidia physx?

i'm using an hd 6850
i want an nvidia card for physx

is gt 240 - gts 250 or gts 450 good enough for playing games like mafia 2 with physx high at 1366x768 with 4xAA

or do i have to get a minimum gtx 460 to play games with physx set to high?

i want to play currently 3 games that have physx

alice madness returns
batman arkham asylum
mafia 2

batman arkham city(not released yet)

not metro 2033 or mirror's edge.
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  1. All of those cards are slower then your 6850. You'd need to get the GTX460 (the good 1GB model, not the SE one.) just to keep the same performance level you have now.

    Does your motherboard support multiple PCIe 16x slots? Maybe you can buy a GT240 to handle the PhysX and use the hacked drivers to make it work.
  2. the hacked drivers are complicated - and the no i dont have 2 pci e slots -and even if i do that i'll have to get a new psu for using two cards together and the overheating problems

    i just need to know wether gts 450 or 250 is good enough or they will not be able to deliver physx at say 25 - 35 fps -for max res 1366x768 -not higher
  3. The hacked drivers are no longer complicated. You simply boot to safe mode, then install the Nvidia drivers, followed by the GenL software and reboot. That's it.

    But if you don't have the slot on your motherboard, is it really worth all the money for those 3 games?

    Edit: here is the hack if interested:
  4. The thing is those cards are slower then your 6850. The GTS450 and 250 have the same level of performance. I doubt either could do max(ish) details at 1050 or 1080 with PhysX on in games like Batman:AA. You'd really want a GTX460 or better for that. Keep saving.
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    A GTX580 using a GTX560Ti only gets an 11% boost.

    If your dedicated PhysX card is too slow you'll actually make things worse.

    My advice is to forget about PhysX completely. It adds a small amount of eye candy in some games but isn't really worth the headache.

    You may wish to simply buy a high-end NVidia 600 series when they are released around Q2 2012.
  6. i could get a gtx 560 ti -which would be faster than gts 450,gtx 460 1 GB and an HD 6850 - and i would be able to run physx on mafia 2 and batman arkham asylum - and as i liked arkham asylum so much -the upcoming batman arkham city.
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