Is my motherboard overheating ?

well the reason I am asking this I was playing far cry 3 and my computer suddenly shutoff.

My current build:
~ CPU : AMD 1090t @ 3.6 ghz ~
~ GPU: MSI 460 1gb GDDR5 ~
~ RAM: 8 GB DDR3 1600 ~
~ PSU : thermaltake 650 ~
~Motherboard : A870U3 ~
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  1. from that pic your processor is overheating.
    Processor package is 80cand motherboard is 32c.
    The CPU0-CPU5 temps did not vary which means it is not reading accurately.
  2. This only happens when I play far cry 3... I took the screen shot when I finished playing for 3 hours. I play all my other games just fine. and plus I have 9 fans on the pc
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