This motherboard has an external esata port.

I want to connect an old 3.5 sata disk to this port. I found on ebay some cable that connects directly to the disc with out additional power supply, here is a link to an image of the cable

Does anyone know if this will work?

The vendor says the cable supports 12v and 5v , but it will only work with 3.5HDD if the motherboard supplies the 12 V needed, otherwise it will only work with 2.5HDD

I dont know if the motherboard will supply the 12v to the 3.5 HDD. Does anyone have any anwer to this?
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  1. Hi,
    No 12V for the power over eSATA port. Only 5V.
  2. Thanks for the reply Alexoiu

    Are you sure about this? I just read that most of the laptops have an esata port that only provides 5v, but esata ports on desktop mobo usually can provide 12v, then their technical name go to eSATAp ( powered) . On ASUS the eSATAp is called "eSATA On the Go"

    check this link

    Does any one have other answer?

    Thank you!
  3. I'm pretty sure. ASUS don't specify it, but if you check the manual they mention that a cable able to provide 5V is necessary.
    It's the same for all ASUS boards that feature the eSATAp ports (power over eSATA, eSATAp or eSATA on the Go it's the same thing).
  4. That cable will work as long as it is under 2 meters any longer you'll need more power, this board supports SATA on the go, the shorter the cable the better I have the same M/B,, I found one of these Thermaltake Blacx (on EBay for $19)

    It works great it does have the 12v external power supply, I was going to go the same route as you but they wanted $15 for the cable and this dock is nice it has a power button and it works just like a flash drive, also I transferred 20Gigs of music in 3mins 15 seconds from my main drive.

    My Specs.
    MSN32-SLI DeLuxe, Phenom 2 945 3.0 ghz, CM 212+ Evo cooler, 8 gigs OCZ Platinum @ 5-5-5-15, OCZ 750 Watt Modular PSU WD 750 gig, WD 1000 gig, E-sata WD 1000 gig, NVidia GTX 460 OC 1 gig Video. :sol: Just upgraded :bounce:
  5. Official reply from Asus Tech Support - Andres Solari

    No, the motherboard does not supply the 12v through the SATA port;

    You will need to connect the SATA and Power cables to the HDD.

    Asus TMSS Support
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