Do I need a sound card with my motherboard?

I have a motherboard coming in with a ton of computer parts because I'm building a computer for the first time. My dad built his and he was going to help me out, but he moved after we ordered everything. The mother board is the ASUS M5A99FX Pro R2.0 Socket AM3+ Motherboard, and I need to know if I need a sound card or if the motherboard doesn't need one. Thanks!
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  1. The board has onboard sound so a sound card is not necessary.
  2. Max is right, it has sound built into the motherboard.
  3. Realtek® ALC892 8-Channel High Definition Audio CODEC
    - Supports : Jack-detection, Multi-streaming, Front Panel Jack-retasking
    Audio Feature :
    - Absolute Pitch 192kHz/ 24-bit True BD Lossless Sound
    - Blu-ray audio layer Content Protection
    - DTS Ultra PC II
    - DTS Connect
    - ASUS Noise Filter
    - Optical S/PDIF out port(s) at back panel

    Your all set it has a nice audio package ^ :D
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