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Got a DAC. It was working. Now it's not.

I recently bought a nuForce Udac-2 to replace my onboard soundcard. It is a plug-and-play device, and I had it working after plugging it in and restarting my computer.

Now, after unplugging my pc to move my desk, I can't get it to work again. However, the onboard sound will still work when I plug it into that. I can still get audio levels inside of Windows, but no sound from the speakers. I tried "uninstalling" the udac through the device manager, and scanning for changes to reinstall it. No luck.

Is there anything else I can do to troubleshoot this? I've ruled out the speakers and the cable I think.

Some relevant info: I'm using windows 7 64-bit. My motherboard supports USB 3.0, it is a 2.0 and 1.1 device however I thought 3.0 was backwards compatible.
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  1. Did you try other USB ports?

    Is it plugged directly to the back of the MB?
  2. Yeah I tried switching it with ports I know for sure work, and I still have the same problem. Also, when I switched ports, Windows would automatically install drivers again. I assume it does this for the USB port it is plugged into.
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    How about your USB drivers? Win 7 does not always detect your USB 3.0 hubs, and this can sometimes cause issues.

    You can usually only tell by counting the USB devices in your device manager and comparing them to how many your board should have. For instance, I'll have about 8-10 before installing the correct drivers and 14 after.

    Other than that, I would clean out any of the DAC device drivers I could find in Win 7, reboot with the device unplugged, and start over. If that didn't work I might do a registry search and make sure any mention of the device was gone.

    And, obviously, see if you can get it working with a different computer.
  4. Got it to work! Uninstalled it again from the device manager and unplugged it. Did a registry error check with AVG PC-Tuneup, and then rebooted. Plugged in, auto-installed drivers and recognized it, and beautiful analog 24/96 audio is coming out of my speakers.

    Not sure what caused it to stop working in the first place, but at least I know it isn't a faulty unit. I also installed it into a USB 2.0 slot first this time, and I'll leave it there. TY for the help.
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