MOBO temps to HIGH?

Just got a new mobo today

gigabyte 990fxa d3

and motherboard heat censors are picking up 60-68c at full load... (and radiate heat)

yes I am overclocked.. but barley compared to what I was on my old board..

@3.9 phenom 960t zosma was at 4.4 on last motherboard and never saw temps this high..

is this a matter for concern?
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  1. those seem a bit high. maybe your cooling solution needs replacement. Having said that, I'd like to share this:
    Posted by anonymous on an older but similar thread here on Tom's:
    whats interesting is whether you core is zosma, deneb or thuban, the adhesives and silicon used have pretty much the same degradation behavior with temperature.

    good luck
  2. sorry I was not clear enough.
    my core temp is fine (29c full load) with ocz gladiator maxII
    What is heating up is the fets and vrm (room temp is 21c)
    and they are sitting at almost 70c
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    ahh...for VRM those are decent temps at those OC settings you can go up even further...for most VRM's power MOSFETS are used with 125C as maximum rated temps..don't worry.

    VRM's from different manufacturers may heat up more or less compared to one another but the important thing is that your are still far from critical temps

    you can still improve airflow in your case and maybe see a bit of a temp drop
  4. ahh thank you:D
    thats exactly what I wanted to hear:D
    as my old boards had never gone over 35c.. I was....alarmed to say the least lol
    I was a little uneasy buying this board being 4+1 power phase but saw someone on ocnet that had oced a 8350 to 5.0 on one so I figured if that didnt fry it I should be fine lol
    thanks again man
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  6. you are welcome :)... and yes OCN is a great resource. There's a whole article there on VRMs. makes for a good read

    All the best
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