i bought a cpu and motherboard today and it says on the mobo box virtu mvp

i can't install this from the disc i got, from the look of this the cpu has intel hd 2500?

do i have to install a video driver for the motherboard or?

the card is a radeon 4890
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  1. You install both sets of drivers and make sure that it is enabled in the bios(the IGP should be primary and enabled).

    Then try to install the Virtu software.

    If all goes well, all basic tasks will be done with the IGP while games should be routed to the dedicated card, but still displayed with the screen connected to the IGP. This is meant to save power and maybe improve performance under some situations.

    See how you like it, sometimes you may have some performance hit, how much depends on many factors. Also note some games will have to be added to the list manually.

    The 4890 does not have a very low idle speed so power savings may be more limited and you will not be able to change settings in the CCC because it will see no screen on the card, so you have to use in game settings.

    It can also be used in reverse(set PCI-E to primary in the bios). Connect to the dedicated(4890) and if you need to use quicksync features for video trans-coding, the IGP will do the work.

    If this is not a feature you want, just connect to the 4890 and disable the onboard video.
  2. ok, so what exactly do you wish to achieve?
    virtu mvp can be used for hyperformance, virtu vsync and gpu Virtualization which basicaly just figures out which gpu in the system has more power and runs from that...
  3. Ignore my answer nuke made me look like an idiot:P

    but if you even need a hand with lucid's LT22102 chipset im your man lol
  4. i dont know what this all means, is it even worth doing this do i benefit anything?

    60% this and 30% that

    also i am not to great at messing around with this bios stuff, can somsone give me a small tutorial, also i can not install the video drivers for intel? i tried getting them from the motherboard website and when i try to install it says "the comuter does not meet the minium requirements for installing the software
  5. the main benefit is reducing power consumption(aka saving your power bill) but I personally wouldn't bother, just get the most recent legacy drivers for your 4890 and you should be good to go.
  6. cainy1991 said:
    Ignore my answer nuke made me look like an idiot:P

    but if you even need a hand with lucid's LT22102 chipset im your man lol

    You covered more features than me :)

    MVP is much nicer then the older Virtu. I honestly used it(old virtu) for quite a while simply for power savings and because my 5870 would get clock locked at 400mhz when watching a video even if a game was open.

    I ended up switching it off when my friend wanted me to play SWTOR because the game would constantly lower the in game settings because it saw the onboard video card. The frame rate and performance was just fine too, just they way the game reacted as you play the settings slowly lowered(it even seemed worse then the lowest settings).

    I also did miss the CCC for forcing settings in some games as well.

    I had one or 2 times when my dedicated card also clocked all the way up at idle instead of sticking to 157.

    A 7XXX card should be great with this because zero core will actually shut the video cards fan off for silent operation when the card is not doing anything.

    As for bios settings, it is best to check your MB manual(all are different) and be careful not to mess up settings.

    I personally think you have very little to gain with your current card(as I have said, the power savings are not as good as newer cards.).
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