8-Pin Adapter for Radeon 4850x2.

I have a Ultra 600w PSU heres the specs...

Now i need to know whats the best adapter for the 8-pin power connection on the 4850x2 The PSU has a 8-pin but it doesnt fit the card. From what i see the 8-pin with the PSU is 8-pin EPS12V Motherboard. plz help i need to know what adapter is best for the card like a Molex-8pin or 4pin to 8pin what? ty
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    The 2x molex to 8 pin but that PSU is on the weaker end for the HD4850X2 with its 32amp rating on the +12volt rail (consider more like a 500watt PSU)
  2. why would i go down in watts? why go from 600w to 500 w is it because newer PSU are better? i would like to use this one even if i just use it just to power my graphics card and nothing else.
  3. I was saying that your 600watt equals more or less modern 500watt PSU's therefore on the weaker end for your card!
  4. Do you think it will work tho to power the card for the time being? cause i have a 430w i could use to power the computer and just have the 600w just power the Card with that work?
  5. I am not sure how that will work. If you try running the card on the 600wat and run in to stability issues then you know that the PSU is to small.
  6. well i've read that the 4850x2 even on max load doesn't exceed like 345 watts.. even with A PSU calculator with my Phenomx4 cpu and the card it says 345w.. but if i do decide to run it alone(on a separte PSU) how will i know if im having stability isssues?

    and to refer back to the original question. the Molex-8pin is better then other adapters?
  7. The problem with your PSU is that it only has 32 amps on the +12volts. That is only 384watts and that has to be shared with the CPU. Running both PSU's is doable but you have to trick the additional one in to believing it is connected to a motherboard. It is much simpler to buy a new PSU that is capable to handle the card.
  8. ok cool ty now i believe to do that its a simple paper clip to bypass it w/o a mobo.. can my psu work untill i get a new one im not gonna be hardcore gaming right away..
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