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dual sound card setup

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January 23, 2001 7:26:22 PM

well me and my friends throw quite a few parties, we use my computer for the music mostly because i have a wide variety and like 2500 songs. but DJing the last couple i ran in the need to actually listen to a song before playing it (ie making sure its the right song). id like to use one sound card to play to an amped system and the other to play to my headphones. i have an ensoniq pci 128 and was thinking about upgrading and keeping that one. id probably end up getting the live value, as it is only 50 USD. i have an asus p3x4x mb and 2 available slots, i don't forsee running into irq troubles, but you never know...

has any one tried this? if i can do it on one card i would like that as well, is there any out there that has multiple processors and outputs (that are seperate)?

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January 23, 2001 9:20:38 PM

A guy told me that he is operating on two sound cards right now. I don't know how you would split the two sound signals though.

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January 23, 2001 11:24:05 PM

Yea, I agree about splitting the two sound signals. How would the sound playing app know which sound card to send the data to?

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January 24, 2001 2:30:09 PM

i have the dual sound card setup and it works fine for me. I’m running an old Sound Blaster AWE 32 isa and some yamaha onboard. They both seem to work without any problems, no conflicts and windows detected everything fine. As far as splitting the signals, I have windows using the SB as the defult or preferred device, and then in winamp or whatever else i have it set to use the yamaha. It works out so that i have two separate volume controls, or I can play one thing in the speakers and one in another set of speakers or headphones. That being said, in order to use the second soundcard you need software that allows you to choose between the available devices. Winamp and most good mp3 players have this option.
January 24, 2001 11:49:39 PM

Woah i should get (2) SB live X-gamers and have 3%-4% cpu usage w/ eax.

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January 26, 2001 4:29:52 AM

i have two sound cards in my system, a sblive that i use for just about everything and my old awe64 that i used to use to record minidiscs (before my md recorder was stolen :( 

assuming you're not using winamp to spin, you can open winamp and under config adjust the waveout plugin to use the secondary soundcard instead of wavemapper. then have a set of headphones plugged into that soundcard. or, if you want to be more spiffy, have that output mixed into your headphones but not into the PA system.

basically, windows has no problem with 2 sound cards, just use a seperate program to test the tracks and make sure that program is set to use the secondary card.