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Hello, i am having a problem with my ram, i bought some new kingston KTM4982/2G ram ( and i get all excited because i have been having a problem with my current ram it will only read one stick and there are 2 1GB sticks currently in there, but if i take one stick out it will not boot at all it just turns the fans on and beeps so i have no clue if its hardware or software. i have tried all my ports and they all work plus i have tried both sticks of ram in different computers and they work. but anyway i got them put them in alone just the 2 new sticks and just fans and beeping but if i put in one of the 1GB sticks and leave the 2 2GB sticks in it boots but only reads the 1GB stick. any clues at all???
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  1. What motherboard or PC Model is this in?
  3. Please try to clear the CMOS jumper on the motherboard after installing the RAM.
  4. sorry i am not so good at this yet... how would one do that?
  5. Please check the following link for more information:
  6. i tryed doing that, but still having the same problem.
  7. If you still have any question, feel free to contact ECS Technical Support.
  8. First that chipset only supports up to 4GB so that may be why some of your tests are failing. Second try the 2 2GB sticks in the left two RAM slots(same color slots) if that doesn't work try them in the right two slots while doing this leaving the other two RAM slots empty. Suspecting one of the RAM slots is bad or has dirt in it.
  9. so i tryed this today now it is reading one of the 2gb sticks but not both
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