Cooler Master Silentpro 1000w turns on then off

I have just the power supply plugged into the motherboard with the power switch led connected. When I turn on the power it cycles the fan on and then immediately shuts off.

Before I go down the road of trying a different power supply or hooking up a voltmeter....has anyone encountered this?

I've reseated the cables a dozen times. It doesn't matter if I have the CPU and memory in or not, it behaves exactly the same way. The motherboard LED light stays lit green but the PS won't stay on.

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    Not sure what you are trying to do but if you are doing a full system build and it is not complete there are protections built into systems to shut of the power if something is wrong.
  2. What are your system specs? Is this a new build? PSU upgrade? Motherboard upgrade? Please tell us the circumstances that led to this problem.

    if this is a new build or included installation of motherboard, a common issue is unused mobo stanchions in the case. Breadboarding is a great place to start for your indications:

    Another good troubleshooting thread:
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