Intel dz77ga-70k not recognizing XFX Core 7850 graphics card

Hello, I've been googling around for the solution to this problem for about 4 hours now and I'm stumped. I just finished putting together a new computer, with an i7 3770k, dz77ga-70k, xfx core 1 gig 7850, and a rosewill RG630-12 green power supply.

To rule things out, I know it's not the power supply as, and things get weird here, I am running my old 4890 that requires 2 six pin connectors. That card will work in my new system, but the 7850 will not. I have confirmed the 7850 as working, after plugging it into my old system.

I have absolutely no idea what is going on, the port is obviously good otherwise my 4890 wouldn't work, and the card is good otherwise the 7850 wouldn't work in my old rig. I read that there were some perceived defects in the 7850 that caused incompatibilities in the z77 chipset, does anybody have any ideas on what to do before I RMA?
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  1. Hi,
    You can try updating the BIOS, if new versions available.
    Take care when updating the BIOS, as it might render the board unusable.
  2. I already have, I'm currently on version 60, board shipped with 39. It didn't help.
  3. Then no other ideas.
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