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Gaming build around $1000, thoughts/improvements?

Last response: in Systems
November 10, 2011 5:16:11 AM

Hi, I'm building a gaming PC and would like some input on the hardware. The only priority for this build is gaming. If possible it'd be nice to cut costs from my current selections, if not that's cool too.

Approximate Purchase Date: this week
Budget Range: around $1000
System Usage from Most to Least Important: Gaming, internet, movies
Parts Not Required: keyboard, mouse, monitor, speakers, OS
Preferred Website(s) for Parts: Newegg, Amazon
Country of Origin: USA
Parts Preferences: None
Overclocking: Yes
SLI or Crossfire: Yes (not for a year or so, but need the option)
Monitor Resolution: 1680x1050
Additional Comments: Great cooling is definitely a priority, as well as lower noise level

So here's what I've selected so far:

CPU $215:

GPU $250:

RAM $45:

Motherboard $130:

- for reference:

Case $125:

HD $125:

PSU $120:

CPU Cooler $30:
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November 10, 2011 7:52:20 AM

I would say you can go for the

2GB version of ati 6950 can be unlocked to 6970 virtually giving you the same performance and it's only like 10$ more than your's but it has 1Gb extra memory that could be useful someday :p . + technically you can pair a 6950 unlocked with a 6970

Any way i would stay with the FULL Big tower case because i have a HAF922 and the only way to lose 2 full sized cards in there is to stack em up on one another sacrificing allot of cooling because of that my 5870's were rocking a steady 70/85 in Crysis 2

I would try to go for another brand than asrock because they are mostly aimed at consumer markets not enthusiast i would go for Gigabyte or Asus they have better stuff out there.
this one is a good Asus motherboard
This is a good board for me also.

But your configuration is very good also just the few points i would change if it were me.
November 11, 2011 12:42:14 AM

Thanks for the feedback. I'm not interested in the 2gb model because I feel it's pointless since I won't be doing unlocking.

Case wise, I think I'll go for the Phantom. Looks great to me.

Those mobos look good, but how's the one in OP? Found a great price on it and it seems alright, but Gigabyte has so many different mobos in that price range so I'm not really clear on it.

Also changed the PSU - is the GS800 alright? Price is pretty good.
November 11, 2011 12:52:33 AM

GS series is so so
if u go with corsair go with TX V2
or u can get PC power and cooling MKII 750W - around $110
true 2gb for ur resolution is useless
what about
seems like a great case
mobo that's listed in op is pretty weak
i would go for Asus P8P67 pro if u plan on serious oc
November 11, 2011 2:47:29 AM

That MKII PSU looks good, might have to go with it...for now, updated OP with new PSU...thought I should go 850w to be safe and since there's a 15% sale for Cooler Master PSU's this one would be a good option. Not sure if 750w is enough with 2 6950's on a OC'd machine, some people say it is some say it isn't, not sure what to think...but better to be on the safe side?

Sticking with the Phantom case though.

Any more preferences for mobo's? Really don't know how to choose one
November 11, 2011 3:16:06 AM

It is enough wattagewise ( i think total will be around 550W or so) but u still want little extra room .. so 850 W be a safer choice. Also u want some room if u plan on serious ocing.
For mobo u want to look for power phases (12 or more will provide enough for OC without increasing voltage too much) remember that u don't want to go past 1.4V if u want ur CPU to last u more than 2 years. Asrock Extreme 4 is a good board .. as a MSI GD65 .. something something. gigabyte's are good too
check out hardwaresecrets and toms for reviews of mobos and OCing capabilities and overall price/performance ratio