Need help with a no POST,No beep ,bios situation

bought a new boxed intel dh55pj mobo with a boxed i3-540 cpu this July and it had a problem of restarting own it's own when the xp loading screen was reached then after few days it started failing POST the green LED on board did lights up all fans did spin but no video no beeps no HDD LED then I sent the board along with the CPU to the RMA who replaced the board but returned the CPU "as fine" but problem was still there so I sent the board but back but it also returned as "fine". Here are the steps I have tried:
1)BIOS Recovery
2)CMOS Clear
3)Booting Outside the Case
4)Unplugged every possible device like HDD/GPU/DVD drives from the board and the PSU (generic 450W)
I am using a 4 gb ddr3 8x32 1333mhz ram stick and one thing is that the board gives beep when ram is removed and also it sometimes turn on it's own and turns off on it's own (only the power no bios still)
could it be a possible ram problem or board's
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  1. Yes I have cross checked every connection. This PSU is working on other systems so maybe it's not the PSU's fault because the system is beeping without RAM module so I suppose the CPU is turning on and working but with RAM it just appears dead could it be a bad cap on the board? anyone with past experience like this?
  2. It is supposed to beep without the ram module. Did you go through the guide step by step?
  3. rolli59 said:
    It is supposed to beep without the ram module. Did you go through the guide step by step?

    Yes everything done as per the steps mentioned in the guide anyway this is not the first system I have built I have it done before too. So now I took the board to a private repair centre just to get it checked and the guy checked it using a PCI card with some LEDs after testing for about 30 min he told me that if the board is in warranty take it to authorized centre and he will not touch it anymore or warranty will be void but after I insisted that he tell me what he found then he said an IC on the board is causing fault according to him.
    Is there anyway to send the board directly to Intel instead of the RMA. location:India
  4. You can file RMA directly with Intel if you do not want to do it through the retailer.
  5. I got the problem fixed. First I changed the PSU to a corsair 600W but it didn't work so the last thing was to change the RAM module and to my surprise it worked finally ;surprising cos it wasn't showing any symptoms of a bad RAM and the faulty module also passed memtest so initially I was also a bit sure of the crappy RAM being fine
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