SB with only "Genuine Intel Processors"

I was about to purchase a new Sound Blaster card for my new system (AMD Duron 700MHz, Geforce2MX, 256MB Micron CAS-2, 20GB UDMA ATA 100 Maxtor HDD, etc) and I came across something that made me look twice. It said it required a Pentium Class system and Intel or 100% compatible chipset:

Has anyone had any problems using a Sound Blaster Live card or any other SB product with an AMD T-Bird or Duron processor with the VIA KT133 chipset?

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  1. Lots of people are using that combination. Some people are experiencing problems, mainly IRQ conflicts that the average builder can straighten out.

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  2. You can use the SB. The is a slight risk that you will have problems. However, most people notice problems with the old socket 7 boards and the Live cards. There don't seem to be as many problems with the new socket A boards.

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  3. Who is running a new sound blaster card currently with a Athlon, T-bird or Duron?
  4. A TRUE FACT: This comes directly from creative. ALL INTEL FCPGA CPUS and SB Live! cards will have a conflict right out of the box. This is only fixed by a new driver from Creatives site and a patch from intel. This does NOT apply to the 5.1 series as they ship with the new driver. But as far as SB cards with AMD, all I have ever owned is AMD and i have had no major issues. Of course i hardly use drivers out the box and keep my bios and patches up to date. I do strongly reccomend that anyone building a new system on at KT133 chipset to download VIAs latest driver. It fixes a whole bunch of issues with ATI and SB.
  5. I have a duron 600@950 on an A7V with the SBLive full original.
    My friend has a duron 700@850 on an A7V with the SBLive X-Gamer 5.1.
    No problems for either of us.

    This was posted solely to increase my post count and may not contain any relevant info
  6. Running a T-bird 1000mhz on a asus a7v,
    the soundard is a SBLive! 1024 and besides the IRQ problems wich i solved it works perfectly!
  7. use some logical thinking and answer your own question :smile: :
    notice that they're saying a "pentium CLASS" system (a k6 and cyrix already fall under this category)
    and "intel OR COMPATIBLE" chipset (which does indeed exclude Macintosh, Sparc, Amigas etc, but that's not what you're looking at anyhoo)...

    in other words, read what it says, not what the paranoid in all of us sees in it:)

    btw, running Athlon 1.1 with SB Live! Value, np:)
  8. Do you think AMD wants to be known as a CPU maker that is 100% Intel compatible? I highly doubt it.

    Notice that my question was purely to find out if anyone has had problems with the Sound Blaster card, which is a perfectly logical question.

    I appreciate all of those who answered my question...thanks.
  9. I am runnign one fine. No problems whatsoever.
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