Moving Linksys WRT54G Over To Windows 7

I have posted this elsewhere that may not be in the right forum and so here is my post on this forum:

I will try to keep this brief...

Here's what I have so far which involves 3 computers:

PC1 has : Window XP w/ Linksys WRT54G w/ Linksys software installed
PC2 has : Windows 7 connected to router via cable
PC3 has : Windows XP connected to router via wireless

My goal is to make my new Windows 7 (PC2) the primary computer just like a server which handles the router and other stuff like printers, scanners, ect.

I want to swap the Linksys WRT54G on PC1 to be on the new PC2 (Windows 7) so that the router can be configured and monitored on that machine.

My guess is that I just simply install the Linksys WRT54G's software to PC2 and make the necessary settings just like the XP machine (PC1) and I'm done.

However, I just want to verify this with someone that has done this plus to see if there are any known issues that I might have to deal with. Do I need to UNinstall the router's software on the PC1 (XP) machine first? Do I disconnect my internet connection on my PC1 machine?....or do it really matter?

Any feedback would be much appreciated.
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