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this is what my build looks like so far, any comments on improvements or compatibility are appreciated. My budget is more or less 1000euro, the less the better. I am using quotes from, which is major supplier in my country.

I do not need mouse and monitor. I would prefer not to buy HDD right now, because of the prices, but I do have only older sata II disc.

CPU INTEL Core i5-2500K - 195.13e
GPU GIGABYTE R695OC-1GD - 222.02e
MB ASROCK Z68 Extreme4 Gen3 - 171.85e
RAM CORSAIR 8GB KIT DDR3 1600MHz CL9 Blue Vengeance XMP - 47.14e
PSU CORSAIR TX750 V2 - 94.75e
CASE CORSAIR 500R Carbide Series - 93.73e

total: 848.24e

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  1. It's pretty good.
  2. Nothing to really say to that it will work the only think i do not like about it is the Asrock board i have no had good experience with asrock so far. But justb ecause they failed me doesn't mean they are bad. How much more does the 2GB version of 6950 costs? If it's 50 euro or so i would say to get that one because you can unlock it to 6970.

    I like that you have the same power supply case and ram that means greater competability. I would go for a gigabyte board though i bought one 2010 Q1 and it hasn't moved an inch till now. Never had a problem with it my asrock burned 3 days after purchase :p

    It will make for a wonderful PC if you leave it like this though i think. But if you spent a few more bucks here and there you might be able to get allot more performance.
  3. Thank for your replies.

    6950 2gb versions range from 246 (800mhz) -276 (880mhz) euro. What would be other viable options for motherboard?
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