Is intell onlycompany to make for processor

is intell only company who makes processor
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  1. no

    the 2 main makers for pc are intel and amd

    though there are some others
  2. Intel = Pricey but does very well on benchmarks
    AMD = Good price, CPU sockets tend to be usable for longer, not as good on bench marks

    My personal preference is AMD. Reason for that you can make a cheaper system and put more money into a better video card :D But if you have lots of dough, go with intel
    For instance, the other day I priced out 2 gaming rigs with a $1,000 price point. Both systems were the same except for mobo, cpu, video card.
    The AMD system: FX-4100 and Radeon 6970 (actually came out $50 cheaper)
    The Intel system: i5 2500k and Radeon 6870
    I know the FX-4100s haven't gotten great reviews, but I have a system with an FX-4100 overclocked to 4.7ghz and a VisionTek 6970. It runs battelfield 3 and skyrim maxed out with 60 FPS. The way I look at it, any frame rates above 60FPS are a waste of money. Just my opinion though :)
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