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Quadfire 6990+6990 or Trifire 6990+6970 or 590 or 580 sli??

I already built my pc. I have my 3 23" new acer monitors. The system is on a 2600k unclocked cpu. Plenty of power, memerory, ssd drive, 16 gig 1833 mem, RAF932 case. I cut no corners so far. Now I've come the last step and I have given myself a deadline of today to finally make up my mind on gpu's.

If $ was no object, and you were putting a rig together to play bf3 on three monitors, what would you buy to drive your graphics.

I'd love to really hear from people who have high end cards and are already playing the game under these conditions or similuar.

I know I've posted several simiular posts on here the past 2 or 3 weeks but I just came across some more $$$ to put into the system and have expanded my options.

Thanks for your imput.

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  1. PS. What I have researched that the 6990 quadfire is not working. Seems the game isnt even seeing the second card. So that I pretty much have eliminated on my own. I did ask about it because I know there was a new patch that came out on Oct 31 that says they've corrected the scaling on multi gpu setups.
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    I run tri-fire with 5970+5870 and have had no issues and pull close to 200fps in battlefield 3,
  3. Well, I don't have any of the high-end cards you mentioned (running a HD6850), but, if money wasn't an option, I think I'd go with two 590's in SLI.
  4. I purchased two 6970's, running 3 23" led monitors and it looks amazing.
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