What display to buy :>

Cheers guys, long time since I posted

So yeah, basically I need a new display but what really bugs me is
16:10 vs 16:9.

The display will be mainly used for gaming so I wonder, what resolution, what size and what type of display would fit me best?

I have gotten some really good offers on:

Viewsonic VX2739WM 27" Full HD 1MS VGA DVI HDMI USB
Fujitsu SL27T-1 27"LED Full HD 3MS VGA 2xHDMI

Both are 27", gotten good offers on em because I got a friend who works at a computer shop and they got delivered too many of these, hence they selling them to employees for their retail price. (around 200 euros, they are around 300-350 otherwise)

But yeah, they are 27, is that too big for gaming, should I go for a same priced (200 €) sub 27"?

What displays would you guys suggest?
Thanks for all inputs :)
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  1. i play on a hanns g 27 inch and i love it , i would say yes
  2. My vote is on the Viewsonic considering it's a 1MS response time. No, 27" is not too big for gaming. Nothing is :D. Resolution is a big factor. A 1900x1080 monitor is great for gaming and usually comes standard with quite a lot of monitors now a days. As for 16:10 vs 16:9, I have limited knowledge on that, but from the experience I had with it, it gives more vertical space, so less scrolling, but not much a difference over 16:9. From what I've been told 16:10 is soon to be dead as monitors are using 16:9 as a standard.
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