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So I am trying to install new fans and a fan controller, and since installing them, I can't get the system to boot.

I have wired them all up correctly, and the Molex power connection that the fan controller needs connects to the power supply and my CD drive.

What am I doing wrong? Also, now when I unplug the molex connection so that it was like before, the same thing happens. I have tried putting the CPU fan back into the motherboard 3 pin and same problem. Please help!
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  1. did you try clearing the bios?
  2. Yep, cleared BIOS. It has booted now, but only after 5-6 tries by turning off power, waiting for L.E.D to turn off, then trying again. It also on one of the attempts booted up, and I saw the windows starting screen then just turned off again.
  3. Did you touch any of the internal components such as the motherboard without grounding yourself? Is there anything that could be shorting out? Is there a screw on the motherboard where it should not be?
  4. Turned off normal way. Then tried booting again. Flickering off like a feeble child trying to lift the back of a car
  5. take out all components from the system leavin only a stick of ram and the hdd and see if it boots..
  6. I may have touched something yes. What does this mean if I have touched the MOBO?

    I will try and take everything out tonight and see if that works.
  7. Make sure you didn't drop a screw on the motherboard....
  8. iStamp said:
    I may have touched something yes. What does this mean if I have touched the MOBO?

    I will try and take everything out tonight and see if that works.

    You could have delivered a static shock but now that I think about it, if it even starts it shouldn't be that
  9. without using a static wrist strap or some other method or discharging static electricity from your body such as placing both hands on the power supply for a few seconds, the static charge from your body could possibly damage sensitive computer components.
  10. I know, that's why I brought it up but then I realized if OP was to destroy the Motherboard with static it would likely not even get to the windows loading screen.
  11. Yea, the computer sometimes starts up when I disconnect the all the fans apart from the cpu cooler. But only after loads of attempts. Not sure if its because of fans or not
  12. After re reading the post, are you sure you PSU is supplying enough voltage?
  13. How do I check that its supplying enough/increase the voltage. Its a 700w PSU
  14. Ok guys. I have only plugged in (took everything out of case) : 1 stick of ram, the HDD, CPU cooler, power on switch which goes to the case. The mobo has nothing else on it.

    Still the same problem! Flickers on then off. Dodgy mobo or PSU?
  15. Hang on guys. After posting this I went over and had another go, and its booted 10/10 times.
  16. How do I find out whats causing it to shutdown?
  17. Once back in the case, it doesn't start up.
  18. check your standoffs. Make sure there are no "extra" ones that don't line up with a screw hole. Make sure your screws are the right type.
  19. when you put the mother board back into the case, in addition to all that you had connected when it worked outside of the case, try attaching one hardware at a time and try to boot each time to see which one might be bad. but before doing this ensure that you did what "zdbc13" said.
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