How important is the amount of space between cpu cooler and side panel

I bought Coolermaster centurion silencio 550 case and a 160mm tall cpu cooler Zalman cnps10x Quiet. I know i'm an idiot because i didn't read thoroughly the specifications on this case, i saw this review on it on where he talks about how he stuffed in 160mm noctua nhd14 as if it was no problem. It's not such a problem to put in a 160mm cpu cooler however now i read in the manual that "a cpu cooler taller than 154mm will cause damage to the side panel of the case and the cpu cooler".
Also i read that its recommended for the zalman cooler to have 5mm space above it.

I'd like to hear some opinions about how serious this warning is, whether it's worth it to at least try out the zalman cooler with the case or i shouldn't even bother.

If it helps my mobo is Asus p8z68-m pro and cpu: i7 2600k
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  1. Try the cooler, if it fits then great, if it don't send it back.

    Always make sure to read the dimensions and specification on any hardware you buy =P
  2. The case is 8.3" wide.
    good quiet coolers under 154mm tall.
    GELID Solutions Tranquillo
    Zalman CNPS 10X Performa
  3. Dremel , Dremel , Dremel
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