Win 7 Install wont load on New Build


I recently bought myself a new PC setup, as my old one was stsrting to get on, and i wanted a bit more of a gaming pc

it all came a couple of days ago and i built it up, the specs being thus:

CPU: i5 2500K @3.3ghz
Mobo P8Z68-V LX
Ram: Patriot 4GB DDR3 Ram @ 1333mhz (1 Stick)
Video: Geforce 560 GTX (Factory OC'ed to 850 mhz)
Power Supply: CIT 750W PSU

it all started up fine, but when i put in the windows 7 install disk after setting it to boot from the dvd drive, things all start going wrong

first, the pc dosent even prompt me to want to boot from the cd/dvd, it just does it automatically (after setting my dvd drive to first boot priority in the bios), after this, it says its loading windows files, and then goes onto the windows bootup splashscreen, and hangs...i have left it for well over 20 mins and it just hangs here, i also tryed this with a vista disk, and the same thing happens, it just hangs on the boot screen, dosent even get to the setup phase, no mouse, nothing..

i have also tryed loading into ubuntu, via a CD and that works fine, it loads into ubuntu via a CD fine, its the only way i can seem to get into an OS right now

my only other thought, is i have a spare XP disk lying about, i could try installing that for the time being, seeing if that works, ansd then maybe installing 7 over XP but thats the last thing i want to try, incase something goes wrong and i run into this problem again while installing 7 over XP

thank you, and i look forward to the help, i just want to get this damned machine running, its starting to annoy me now, i never expected it to be this hard to get a new PC working >.<

thanks again
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  1. I had a similar issue and it turned out to be the ram settings. Check that the ram is running the correct speeds in the bios. Then try makeing a microsoft memtest cd.
  2. What kind of hard drive are you using? Does the BIOS detect the hard drive?
  3. found out the problem, my main HDD had died, tryed to install on my secondary drive and ran through a treat

    thanks :)
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