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I have asked this question before, but I would like a solid answer. I am looking to have 2 Radeon 6950 overclocked slightly.
Will the Corsair TX750 V2 ( power my system. I have looked at PSU calculators and some say its enough and others say I need a whole lot more.

AMD FX 8120 overclocked to 3.9GHz
(2x) XFX Double D HD-695X-CDFC Radeon HD 6950 2GB
(4x) 4GB 1600MHz Memory
250GB Hard Drive
2 SSD's
Hyper 212 Evo
6 Case Fans
Memory Card Reader
USB Reader
Keyboard, Mouse, Monitor

I don't have the second card, I plan on getting it next Christmas, if my PSU is not enough, please suggest a good one that will last a long time, and maybe power two of next generation graphics cards (7970 or GTX 600 Series when they come out).

Thank You
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  1. Hello zoofish;

    You already have the Corsair TX750 V2? Or are you looking around for alternatives to purchase?
  2. zoofish said:
    I don't have the second card, I plan on getting it next Christmas

    That's a whole lot of lead time to make a final decision.

    eXtreme Power Supply Calculator (using 2 HD 6970s for OC'd 6950s) suggests that the Corsair TX750 V2 will handle the rig as you described it.
  3. So If I put in a second card and overclocked both with everything else as described, the power supply won't burn out or get ruined. Also, it won't shorten the life of my parts.
  4. Comparing power consumption between Radeon HD 6970 and Radeon HD 7970:
    2x HD 7970 CFX uses less power than 2x HD 6970 CFX by about 20 40watts average.
  5. Your power load should be within the TX750 V2 capabilities.

    Overclocking parts will shorten the lifespan. How much?
    Modest to moderate overclocking shouldn't decrease lifespan too much.
    Extreme overclocking lifespan decreases can be more dramatic.
  6. Ok, and I just overclocked it from 800MHz to 840MHz, but if I get 2, then I won't need to overclock.
  7. The inherent nature of overclocking pushes parts beyond factory specification. Increased stress on your components decreases longevity/life of those components.

    I typically only OC when my PC no longer performs to a level that satisfies me. At that point an OC extends the overall life of the system. In other words, I can delay upgrading the system by getting more performance out of the components I already have.

    Have you already bought this system? If not, then I would seriously consider going with a Sandy Bridge CPU. An i5 2500K is only slightly more than that 8170. If this is primarily a gaming rig, then the 2500K dominates this price range.
  8. Yes it is a gaming pc, the only thing I have not gotten is a 2nd radeon 6950. If I do get it though, I will probably not overclock them because I will have enough power for BF3.
  9. Enjoy your gaming!
  10. You can rest easy for the next 10 months or so and then revisit the GPU/PSU choices once you decide where your upgrade path is taking you.
  11. Ok, these are pretty new parts and you might be thinking about returning the PSU for a different model? Is that what you're thinking?
  12. Yeah that's probably the best thing to do. Thank You for all the help.
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