New Build Wont power up !help please!

Ok so just yesterday i got the parts for my new build. I spent a few hours putting it all together ( I didnt try and put it together outside the case first) and then I went to plug in the power button cable and those other case buttons. The problem is it wont start up no fans no light no noise. The only led's I see is the green one on the mobo (P8P67 LE R3 Asus) and a red one one the video card. ( Asus 6950 direct CU II)

After thinking about It and looking I noticed i put one of the sata plugs in the wrong sata port (data 6 Gb/s grey colored one) and that my cpu fan isnt in the cpu fan slot because it is 3 pin. I dont think those would effect the start up tho.

My ram i noticed is i believe already factory clocked at 1600 mhz could this cause a boot problem? It is seated properly.

It is also a possibily that I put the power sw in the wrond spot on the little panel thing on the mobo.

If you all could guide me on how to fix this that would be great I can also answers and more questions if you all have some.

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  1. For one, there should be a cpu fan power connection close to your cpu that you plug into. Don't leave the cpu fan unplugged as that won't be good :P

    One thing to check would be your power and reset pins that you connected to your computer. Make sure that you connected the (+) and (-) to the right pins on your motherboard.

    Did you put the motherboard stands in between the motherboard and case?

    Do you have another computer that you can use to verify your psu is working?

    I'd also recheck to make sure everything is connected especially the RAM. Also, try using just one stick of ram to see if one stick is bad although that wouldn't be a no power issue.
  2. 1) If you don't have the CPU fan plugged into the correct slot, then the motherboard will not pass post due to CPU fan failure. Even if your motherboard lets you continue it will be annoying. a 3-pin fan will work on a 4-pin header -

    2) double check your power switch

    3) double check that you installed standoffs (don't know how anyone can screw this up and not notice since the motherboard won't line up with the back panel)

    3) if you are still having problems and since you are having boot issues I suggest you unplug everything you don't need. So leave the PSU, the CPU & Fan, case speaker, and front panel power switch plugged in. Everything else un-plugged (including the RAM and GPU). Now when you power it on, if it starts you should get beeps complaining about missing RAM. If it booted, then add a stick of ram and GPU and try again with the screen this time. If you are still booting, then add components one at a time until it either boots correctly (improper assembly) or you find the bad component.

    Just as an idea, I've had a 3.5" floppy drive cause my computer to not boot. I've had a USB hub cause my CPU to go EXTREMELY slow (think slower than a 386 33MHz computer). So, it could be anything or it could just be a simple mistake.
  3. We have a troubleshooting checklist that was created to troubleshoot this type of problem. There's a link to the checklist in my signature. Work your way through the checklist and let us know how it goes.

    The red light on the GPU probably indicates it isn't getting enough power. Do you have both 6-pin PCI-E connectors plugged into the GPU? What PSU do you have?
  4. I'm betting on Nord's No. 1 .... plug the fan in !

    Check the PSu with the paperclip test
  5. Nothing of what you did could have damaged a part. Leds indicate your psu is working fine.
    Make sure your front panel connectors are plugged in correctly (the arrow on the front panel plug indicates where the + goes and the letters usually look away from your case).
    Make sure everything is connected correctly and fire it up. If it doesn't start fans then your mobo is doa.
  6. Well I fixed it and I feel like such a dumb ass. It wasnt the fan or anything else. It was the jumpers over the CLRTC 3 pin thing. I guess when i took it out of the box they jumped off and when I went to go throw out the garbage I saw it and was like are you serious. It is quite sad the a tiny little piece of plastic wont let you boot but what ever. Got it up and running OC and downloading my games so I am a happy camper. Thanks all tho for the advice because I did move the fan and that around.
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