FX 6100 OC vs. intel i3 2120 stock

I'm currently trying to build a desktop that will run games like Battlefield 3 with a steady fps and also handle video/media editing really well.

The processors I am looking at are the AMD FX-6100 and the Intel i3 2120.

I know that stock, the i3 beats the 6100 in almost every benchmark, but, if i over clock the 6100 to over 4.0ghz, will it be worth the $30 price jump, and can it run faster than the i3?

Also please don't recommend any black edition 960Ts or 1100ts etc.. They are sold out almost everywhere, thanks =)
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  1. tree319 said:
    Also please don't recommend any black edition 960Ts or 1100ts etc.. They are sold out almost everywhere, thanks =)
    There is a very good reason they're sold out almost everywhere.
    You can probably figure out what that reason is if you think about it.
  2. 980 BE or 1090T BE
  3. In games, the i3 will beat the 6100, even at stock. In productivity applications the 6100 is better. Since you're gaming, the i3 would be a better choice.
  4. if your playing BF3 online, I wouldn't even bother with the 2100 unless you like having 50% fps drops

    Dual core cpus are crap for multiplayer. single player campaign could care less tho.
    but you get an extra 1 fps with the I3 in single player.,3063-13.html

    As for the xbit article, what did it take them 2 months since release to find the most optimized games and settings for the intel chip to post a review? physics mode with a non physics card ... rofl.,review-32365-3.html

    near 0 difference except at lower than useful resolutions.
  5. if you get 6 core dont go fx.
    the 1090T will do better.
  6. Hi :)

    Just out of interest, the price of the 1100T cpu has doubled recently due to short supply....

    Good CPU though..I am typing this on one...

    All the best Brett :)
  7. i know there are better 6 cores, but the prices are all rising way too high for what its worth to me, and it's so hard to find any of them anymore in the phenoms.

    i'm still curious though, if i manage to OC the 6100 to around 4.4/4.5ghz, wouldn't it run better than the i3? then ill have a better multitasking and gaming cpu, rather than just the better fps of the i3.

    tiger direct also has this nice bundle going on i was looking at:
  8. there are better 4 cores than the 6100......
    have you looked into the 965 or 980 BE? those are great cpus and still beat out the FX processors per clock and in gaming. you can still hit up am3+ boards and decide to upgrade later when the better revisions come out for amd
  9. BigMack70 said:
    You should pick up a 960T if you're gonna go AMD... it is much better than an fx 6100.

    And it's not hard to find... Newegg has them in stock for $125.

    Edit #2 - I'm thinking throughout this post of the 4.0 GHz performance of both the fx 6100 and the 960T, not their stock performance.

    thanks a million, ill try and get the 960t and OC it. please though (not you bigmack) but if you guys are going to recommend other AMD processors- specifically phenom IIs- please provide a link, because I'm having a lot of trouble finding things besides that 960t. i REALLY appreciate all the input ive got though, its helped a lot
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