Only one hard-drive out of two?


I'm trying to run two IDE hard-drives in my system. I find that the motherboard will recognise one or the other HD in BIOS, but never both. If both are connected, I either get garbled information in BIOS, nor "Not Detected." So far I've tried swapping the cable, messing with the jumper settings and updating the BIOS.

I thought maybe the PS wasn't up to it, but I've been leaving both connected to power the whole time--just changing the IDE ribbon. Plus it's *supposed* to be a 600W PS.

Does anyone have any other suggestions?

My setup is:
MSI 785G-E53
WD Protégé WD400EB
Maxtor DiamondMax 10 6L250R0
Sony Optiarc AD-7261S-0
EVGA 512-P3-1240-LR GeForce GT 240
AMD Athlon II X4 640

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    You have to make one drive the slave and the other will be the master.
  2. ahnilated is right.

    On a lot of old IDE drives theres a little jumper where the molex and ide connect to. Usually you have to have 1 set as master, and 1 set as slave. It depends on the model of the IDE drive also to which jumper sets it as master or slave.
  3. Are you putting both drive on the same IDE cable?

    If so +1 to ahnilated comment, both should be set as "Cable Select"
    OR one as "Master" and the other as "Slave"

    To do so there should be a jumper on your drives that you might need to move

    And there should be some kind of inscription on the drive telling you which position is master, slave and cable select...
  4. Thanks. I tried changing the master/slave jumper settings, but with no success.

    Unless I had the diagram upside-down compared to the drive orientation or something... :/
  5. It was the jumpers. :facepalm:
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