Using 1.5v 1600mhz memory with 1.65 13333 memory

So right now I have 2x4gb Corsair vengeance 1.5v @ 1600mhz, recently I was given some old sector 5 patriot memory running @ 1.65v 1333 mhz. I was wondering if it was safe to run these together. The sector 5 memory was working perfectly in its old rig but I think the difference in voltage would cause problems. I know that i can under colt the sector five to 1.5v but wouldn't i also have to lower the speed? And if thats the case would it be best to just leave two stick in instead of adding two more? Rest of my rig is in my sig if any of that matters
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  1. I would not bother with the Patriot memory since you have a SB build. You would most likely have to slow it down for the required 1.5volts. In any case 8GB is plenty for most tasks.
  2. You can always try it, but as already said you'll most likely have to slow down your other memory. It won't hurt the computer if it doesn't work either.
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