Need help (long beep and no display)

So I have a Phoenix BIOS and i just put together this rig on my test bench and i put it (meaning a :2.8 Pentium D, 2 1gb sticks of ddr2, and a 500 watt PSU)on two separate boards and i get the same result (fans spinning, hdd running, and power throughout the board with one long beep with no display) the beep code is not listed but i heard that reseating the cpu may fix it and that leads me to believe it's a DOA cpu, but i got a new cpu and i get the same results.
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  1. I've been looking around various sites & one long beep seems to mean bad RAM, incompatible RAM, or RAM not seated properly in the slots.
  2. that's what i've been reading but would it be likely that both of my ram modules are bad?
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