Recommend a good BluRay player/burner for my pc...

Building a new PC at the end of the month, and would like it to be able to play BluRay disc/movies/etc. I was originally looking at the ASUS BW-12B1ST @ Newegg, but upon reading reviews, saw that it only burns BR, and in order to play them, you have to download specific codecs, or 3rd party software to do this.

Can anybody recommend me a good BR/DVD/CD combo that they've had success with, or at least a reliable one and a point in the right direction to a safe website where I can find the proper software to play BR discs? The ASUS website for the drive mentioned above doesn't offer the software for that from what I've read (may have overlooked though).

And before anyone asks, yes, I want a BR player on my PC. I have a high res screen, set-up, and the TV in the pc room is crap. The only TV worth watching BR on is in the bedroom, and I don't want to keep the wife up all hours of the night watching movies. I generally watch movies on the PC/Netflix while I play older console games on the TV in the PC room, which cancels out the bedroom for movies idea anyways. I tend to get asked quit a bit when mentioning BR player on PC, which is why I figured I'd go ahead and get that part out of the way.

Thanks in advance!
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  1. ok, not sure why u got asked if whether or not u want a bluray on ur PC, i mean thats totally ur choice, and when i finish my computer i will also be putting a bluray player and writer.

    Back to the point... This Reader/Writer will be the one im getting, it does everything(read/write)(im quite sure), and it looks good(for me at least). im also not sure wether u wanted internal or external, or a laptop internal nor do i know ur budget, but here's my choice:

    i also don't know what country u in, and this website only delivers in UK, u could search for it in newegg if u live in the US

    EDIT: here's it in newegg website:
    some bad reviews in the US, but i guess its like one of the good review says, people just aren't smart enough to address a problem to the right component.

    2ND EDIT: ok forget about Burning blu ray with that, it only reads blu ray, but reads and writes everything else.

    But i did find this interesting, it doesn't have any reviews under 5 stars:
  2. I was just about to answer the PC, internal, budget questions, then I saw you're 2nd Edit, lol. That actually looks like exactly what I want, and it appears it comes with the required software itself, which will save me from buying an after market program.

    Thanks for all the help!
  3. Yep it looks very good, i might think of buying it myself now that i know the samsung one doesn't burn, somewhat expensive but i can put the money together. hope i helped u :D

    EDIT:...any chance of giving me a best answer? :s, kinda wanna get a few points on this website...
  4. Hi :)

    My computer company builds Pcs and let me give you all some advice about BR players and BR writers....

    OEM BR hardware does NOT come with any software (its cheaper of course)

    RETAIL BR hardware DOES come with software (more expensive)

    As there is only 1 frewware probram I know that plays BRs (badly and some wont play at all)

    The answer is to BUY A RETAIL VERSION....

    My own one is an LG BR writer....

    All the best Brett :)
  5. I have this drive, and swear by it. It comes with Cyberlink PowerDVD for blu-ray.
    Pioneer Black 12X BD-R 2X BD-RE 16X DVD+R 8X BD-ROM 4MB Cache SATA Blu-ray Burner BDR-206DBKS
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